May 19, 2024

The modern transportation has enabled us to travel to places far and beyond. The many modes of transport also give us the power of choice. The choice of travelling at the quickest time; by air, the choice of enjoying and taking in all the scenes that passes by as you travel by rail, being able to explore the city or country you visit freely by car or the choice of a luxury, relaxing journey to various destinations through cruses.

Air Travel has grown from tremendously over the years. No longer is the air travel scene dominated by the big commercial airlines, the budget airlines have taken the world by storm. Budget airlines offer no frill travel and are especially useful for short haul travel. However, due to the recent increase in fuel costs, budget airlines are currently facing a crisis of higher operation costs. Air travel has seen some changes in the form of bigger plane like the Airbus 380 which can carry over 800 passengers.

Travelling by rail can be a pleasurable experience. Not only will you get to absorb the sights of the passing countryside and villages, travelling by rail are also very environmentally friendly. Travelling by rail also give you the option to hop on and off different destinations enabling you to have a truly adventurous and different kind of holiday.

Car Hire is a great way to explore villages, towns and places of interest at your holiday destination. Going around the holiday destination by car allow you to experience the way of life of the local people, finding places that are not a usual tourist hub, trying and tasting the local food in its purest form. Most importantly, time is in your hand, you do not have to rush through sightseeing, waiting around for people as in a coach travel and you can stop at any place you desire.

Cruises have become very popular in the recent years. Nowadays, cruises have move away from ‘only for older traveller’ image. Cruise liner is like a huge resort with of facilities, events and entertainments.

Cruise packages are usually on full board with stopover in various destinations. Cruise liners facilities include swimming pools, choices of restaurants, cinema, casinos, fitness gym, golf and tennis facilities and a jogging track. Entertainment on the cruise liner includes nightly shows, casinos, dance workshop, competition and contest or just sunbathing on the ship deck.