June 24, 2024

The worldwide recession that has hit American hard, has resulted in hundreds of thousands of its citizens losing their health insurance, and they are now at the mercy of a medical and financial catastrophe. However, job losses are only the most obvious event that causes so many people to be without health insurance, frantically seeking a health plan to cover them and their family.

Other individuals who have no insurance for one reason or another are known as ‘in-betweens’, and America has a staggering amount of them. They include:

• 22 million part-time workers

• 5 million students who have just graduated and are no longer protected by their parents’ health insurance policies

• 900,000 newly divorced people, who lost their coverage in the divorce settlement

• 300,000 newly released members of the military

• 8.7 million Americans who have just been laid off and are currently seeking employment, and who cannot afford COBRA coverage

• 5 million Americans who have taken or have been forced into early retirement

There are short-term major medical health insurance policies which are appealing to those who are considered to be ‘in-between’, because they are looking for a short-term solution to their health insurance problem. Private health insurance companies have seen an increase in demand for these cbdfreak.co.uk, (which usually last from one to six months) because they are the perfect solution to short-term worries about being open to a medical problem that could cripple them financially.

Other benefits of ‘quick-fix’ policies

If you are a healthy individual, the insurance company may be able to process your application and have you protected within a day or two. If you know precisely how long you need this protection for, most companies will allow you to pay the entire bill in one easy payment.