April 20, 2024

Why is it important to quit smoking?

Because it’s killing you. People are so ignorant these www cbd boss us, it’s extremely sad to see. I cannot believe the amount of cigarettes being sold. It’s absolutely astounding.

It’s always all about the money. They don’t care that it’s killing you.

If you have OCD, quitting smoking will allow your body to function more normally which will increase your ability to handle stress.

Contrary to popular belief, smoking only relaxes you temporary, then increases your stress level because your body has to deal with this abuse to it.

You better realize that you are killing yourself. I know because I used to smoke. I cannot believe that I did that to myself!

I remember sometimes I would cough up blood from the djarum (TM) cigarettes I used to smoke, it’s unbelievable.

So how do you quit? The same way I did.

You stop smoking.

Will you be tempted to smoke, of course. People act so helpless these days, everyone acts like a baby, ‘Oh I need the patch,” “I need the gum,” “I just can’t quit.” It’s pathetic. Face facts: You don’t want to quit, period.

You’ve got to grow up and realize it’s time for you to man up or woman up and take responsibility for your actions and stop being a baby. It’s time for you to say to yourself, “I’m going to be an adult and make the smart decision and stop killing myself.” Then do it.

You’ve got to stop babying yourself. Millions of people quit cold turkey. I did, and if I can, with my lack of self control at the time, you can too. Stop babying yourself, you owe it to yourself to grow up and quit