May 17, 2024

With bank holiday weekend approaching many will be considering weekend breaks out of the country or even long drives to the nearest beaches. Despite looking forward to our holidays (costly or not) many of us will still continue to find ways to avoid extra costs. Statistics show that one in four of us will avoid taking out travel insurance. This means that travel insurance’s importance is being overlooked and therefore not regarded as a standard requirement but instead, a holiday optional.

According to ASDA’S financial services ‘travel insurance should not be seen as an optional extra but an essential must have’. With many risks possible to travellers even before they leave the country, such as something as common as delays, it seems only sensible to opt for cover. Many only feel insurance is for the possible accidents abroad that could be prevented, such as falling ill or accidents from outdoor sports. Many ignore the things quite close to them, like luggage and personal belongings. In fact some insurers have stated that many people make more claims on personal belongings than anything else. Whilst a planned family holiday are bringing insurers to estimate a baggage worth of £3000, a last minute weekend break could total a luggage worth of over £1000.

Insurers are advising that travellers should check their travel insurance and that it covers them for holiday luggage and with check in staff and baggage handlers at Gatwick threatening to stage two 24-hour strikes, the advice seems a strong bet to go with. With holiday packages taking chucks out of paycheques it is understandable that people are trying to find ways to save extra pounds. However Malcolm Tarling, a spokesperson for the Association of British insurers, is stressing that travel insurance is a vital element for holiday goers. He states that Britons travelling to countries such as the US, without adequate travel insurance, could face very big medical bills.

There seems no exception when travel insurance is concerned. Even the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) target the older travellers and suggest that despite travel insurance costing them more it is still the better option. Sean Tipton, a press officer for the ABTA, argues that older people should take out insurance because they are increasingly becoming involved in adventurous blackcockshock. He states that due to their affluence 20% of over 55s are taking risks on holiday that they would never dare take at home. Their cover is likely to be more expensive as they are seen more likely to claim however, if one does have a medical condition, it still proves important to have the cover than be without it.