May 17, 2024

Fix Testing ConventionPhiFIX Test Suite

PhiFIX Test Suite is a finished FIX Testing and Recreation Programming for capital business sectors which diminish conditions and cost related with the mind boggling organizations of FIX-based exchanging stages. PhiFIX Test Suite can be conveyed in a client and server mode. It is a cooperative device inbuilt FIX Convention – Testing Gas pedal and Test system, test plan, and Prearranging experiments manufacturer which can run from intuitive GUI mode.

PhiFIX Test Suite for Purchase Side firms, Sell-Side firms, Settings, and Middle people. It performs PTS empowers clients to focus on their center exercises through a stage based permitting approach making it quicker, more honed and more astute approach to running FIX network.

• It exhibits Multi-Meeting capacities, cross-stage testing and availability testing that helps measure the presentation of Purchase Side and Sell-Side Foundations

• FIX convention customization permits the client to tailor-make FIX Lingos effortlessly for all FIX adaptations.

• Comprehensive of Relapse and Execution testing, the framework additionally upholds different degrees of consistency and Burden Testing.

• A dependable test mechanization programming for capital market industry giving a hearty and customized business level message approval, with broad content robotization and huge testing situations.

• Phifix suite contingent rationale permits clients to arrange dynamic experiments with the assistance of PhiFIX’s capital market FIX motor

• FIX Trade Reenactment works with client to get a reasonable point of view of their exchanging counterparties.

• Intelligent Import and Commodity usefulness permits this fix convention testing instrument to create reports across different arrangements including HTML, PDF, XLS, CSV, and so forth.

• Upholds import modules for various FIX testing devices

Key Elements

Versatile Suite:

PTS empowers all the Purchase Side firms, Sell Side firms and Trade for Numerous network social testing, different FIX situations testing, relapse situations robotization, execution testing including burden, stress and perseverance testing for different FIX frameworks

Complete FIX Steady:

Each client has the remarkable exchanging work process and they utilize different convention forms, but PTS can be strong to all organizations. It upholds all FIX forms from 4.x to 5.x.

Age of Reports:

Clients can create reports from the testing Suite in numerous organizations like pdf, HTML, succeed. This assists Clients with recovering explicit information on a specific cases as indicated by their exchanging climate. By creating Reports clients can likewise dissect the historical backdrop of trials and look at results according to the exchanging climate

Tweaked FIX Lingos:

To get adjusted to all exchanging climate, PTS has an exceptional component called FIX vernaculars. Utilizing FIX Tongues, clients can redo any new logs or messages and Pre load it into the FIX Libraries.

Various Test Executions:

PTS can test different executions. It String together arrangements of experiments (situations) and watch them execute progressively. Run different tests through numerous meetings simultaneously This additionally assists clients with testing, Approve and keep up with various associations.