April 14, 2024

What to Expect on Your Travel to Greece

Travel to Greece offers an experience that every traveler will love. Greece and the Greek Islands are ranked as one of the most popular travel destinations in the world and are located in Southeastern Europe on the Balkan Peninsula. With over 4,000 years of history to explore, the birthplace of comedy, drama, philosophy and the Olympics ensures that those who travel to Greece can view ancient art, ruins, monuments to the Greek gods and more of the countries long and varied history. Travel to Greece also offers a chance to relax on its beautiful and extensive beaches, try local cuisine and soothe away stress in Greek spas and resorts.

Greek cuisine is an experience no traveler should miss! The hearty Mediterranean cuisine shares many characteristics with Italy and the Middle East. Greek cuisine makes use of olive oil, olives, poultry, fish, cheese, bread, lamb, eggplants and pork. A wide variety of herbs such as basil, mint, garlic and oregano are also used. Deserts that every traveler will enjoy when they travel to Greece are the Baklava pastry filled with nuts and syrup and the yogurts made with honey. Greek coffee is served hot, sweet and strong and is a popular drink; however, Greek wine is the most popular drink in the country. When traveling to Greece tourist can try many wines grown in local vineyards.

Travel to Greece is at its height of popularity during the summer months of July and August. Greece has a mild Mediterranean climate and tourist visiting any time of the year will find the weather is mostly pleasant. This mild climate has also had an affect on its people, making Greek citizens more relaxed and laid back. Unlike some other countries where tourists often frequent the people of Greece are friendly and accommodating.

When planning your visit you might want to travel to Greece during the winter-season from October to March. The weather is milder with some cold days and rain occurring but the weather mainly remains mild enough for swimming and visiting the beaches. The winter also means that travelers will get a more authentic look at Greece as many of the crowds are gone and prices on airfare decrease.

The capital and largest city, Athens is also the most visited destination when traveling to Greece. As one of the oldest cities in the world, Athens offers an intriguing mix of the modern and ancient to explore. View buildings and temples from the classic age of Greece such as the Parthenon, the Ancient Agora and the Panathianiko Stadium home to the first modern Olympic ehmtic2014.com as well as neoclassical buildings in the city.

The nightlife in Greece is something no traveler should miss. Some restaurants are open late and festivals and shows can extend into the night, but one of the best ways to enjoy Greek music and culture is by dancing the night away in the local clubs. Athens boasts one of the best nightlife scenes in Europe and the nightlife at most coastal towns is extremely popular with tourist.