May 20, 2024

If you are looking into options that can offer you the security you need as a home business, and give you access to great locations then PRT travel may just be what you are looking for. This business opportunity uses the internet to turn your home into your very own travel agency.

The travel industry itself is going almost 25% faster than the economy, it is a $6 trillion a year industry and 80% of vacations are the result of a word of mouth introduction. That makes the travel industry very attractive as a business opportunity and PRT travel is one way to go about getting the most out of these numbers.

If you are an associate travel agent with PRT travel, you have the opportunity not just to make commissions on the travel you book for other people but you also have access to 50-75% off normal rates and upgrades for hotel rooms. Save up to 30% when it comes to car rentals, get cruises as low as $50 a day with travel agent discounts of up to 70%, go on trips just to see the area so you can effectively market tours and locations for between 10-50% of the normal cost. Airfares can also be had for the lowest possible rate at the time of reservation, and some people get free admission into theme parks or serious discounts. These are just the benefits to the travel agent as being part of the PRT travel agent family.

You also have the opportunity to earn commissions on the packages you sell around 60%. There is a fee involved in getting started. The Basic PRT package is $120, Business builder packages start at $215 add in mbm and you are looking at $288 for 6 month to $399 for 12 months. There is also a monthly fee of $20. You are provided with your own email address, website and log in information.

PRT travel can be an expensive business start anywhere from around $140 to more than $400 dollars including having a monthly fee, there is also an exam that you are required to pass in order to begin work with PRT travel. If you are someone who loves travel and wants to get started in a home based business, or if you are someone, who enjoys travel and wants to not only make money but enjoy traveling the world without having to do it one location at a time, then PRT travel may be the right job for you.

As with any online business opportunity it is a good idea to ask any questions you have, talk to people who have worked the business and find out what it involves before getting started, any legitimate business opportunity is going to take time to develop and will not offer instant results without significant Black Cock Shock